Mail Clients none seem to function quite well

I spent the lat 10 hours installing and testing every single mail client in the repository for Flat and zorin. In every case they either do not function once you get a couple steps into the installation of your first email account.

Some of the show screens that are just blank, others express concern for gmail and the change to people.api so you can't have your contacts, Evolution just keeps asking for you to put in your passwords even though you have given access to gmail from within gmail. Blue Mail, and Kmail and lots of others all have issues and the worst part is it seems that the repository has a lot of old versions of things in it and still houses applications that have not been updated in 3 years.

I finally decided on BLIX as my choice email client which at the moment also does not allow GMAIL accounts, so that blows, but I can find anyone to tell about it. There is an error when you try to set up your gmail account that is like a 401 or something stating that this application has not yet been reviewed by google and has temporarily been yada yada..

I understand that linux is open source, but after being away from linux and coming back to it I am starting to realize why I did.. Chances are in the past I could not get a complete functioning desktop.

So I guess the question here is does anyone know how to contact blix so I can send them a screenshot of the error. I found some forums but they were from a blix page pointing to a snap forum and when I searched the forum there was nothing at all regarding blix.

I would like to let them know of the error so it can be reviewed and quite possibly I might just get that complete desktop I always wanted with Zorin.

On a sidenote: after installing telegram, even though it is at the most recent version the software updater continues to say it needs to be updated and when you click update it does nothing.. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail.

I firmly also believe that Zorin has a few issues with the taskbar, especially icons of open apps that are suppose to start on boot, but don't and then icons that should be by the clock that aren't or they are completely white and can't be seen at all, when I know that the icon should be green.

Any and all information is appreciated.. I really wish I was a developer and could help the team. All I can do is point out the problems and errors and that really sucks.

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I have no Idea why you are trying to Install a Mail Client :man_shrugging:, But if It is that important then Try installing it via apt.

Use This Guide,


I have already installed every single mail client on that list if its still out there and about 10 more that are not on that list but other lists. Not really sure why you would say "I have no idea why you are trying to install a Mail Client" uh, cause I need email on my machine???

I already said I found one that kinda works but looks equally amazing to Zorin which is BLIX. I want to be able to let people know the errors I am seeing and if anyone has any information regarding a forum or something I could not find in my searches.

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I personally use Browser's for Email, But for your problem try the apt version of the applications as they are less buggier than snap or flat.


Email clients on Linux just outright are junk... I would use another word but it blacks it out.

I don't want to use and can't use a browser for emails, I have 6 emails just for work alone. 4 of which are exchange emails. I am not logging in and out all day nor am I going to sit there having to look at different browsers all day long.

I tried them all as well, and just ended up putting Windows on a virtual machine and using outlook from there. Why in 2022 email clients in Linux are still stuck in 2010 is beyond comprehension.

Blix is really nothing more than Bluemail. Which didn't work for me either.... I absolutely hated the layout and their minimal settings.


@DeanG has brutally outlined this accurately.

Linux is Open Source. And this is a great thing. Open Source allows for more and better contributions, sanely implemented and offered. Closed source will restrict contributions, especially if a lesser contribution is more profitable.

I many ways, Linux is far preferable for daily use.
However, Linux is not perfect. And users with different needs, can find failing on Linux if what they prioritize is not well supported on Linux.
And Mail Clients are one of those things.

Google is a Linux-supporter... and supports the Gnome Foundation. Strange, eh? You must follow the money trail.
What a phenomenal frustration it is that you can detest certain aspects on Windows, switch to Linux and fix those aspects beautifully, but then find severe fault in something on Linux that had worked beautifully on Windows.


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