Mailing list?

I read about the mailing list of Zorin. I should get an Email when new versions come out and so on. I wanted to sign up up but I don't know how. Can you explain me how I do this?

Welcome to the forum, Alpha-Craft.
To get on the mailing list, just hit the Download Link for Zorin OS:

It will open a PopOver window offering to add you to the mailing list. You can then complete the form, without downloading or installing anything.

Oh. Okay. I thought I could do it on a website. I didn't install it yet and I can't do it right now because I'm on vacation. Okay. Thank you for the information!

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It is on the website, on the download page. You do not need to install in order to add yourself to the mailing list. That is just a fast way to access the form for getting on the mailing list.
When you click Download - it asks if you would like to be on the mailing list. You can then enter your information on the webpage and get on the mailing list, then close it out before proceeding to the actual download.

Oh. Okay. Thanks!

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