Main Menu Wine apps

I had to reinstall wine and missed all the main menu items (wine apps).
How can I create a new icon to a wine app manually? The previous was created automatically.


I believe the .desktop files for Wine Apps are kept in ~./local/share/applications
You can recreate them by creating a launcher for that application, then drag and drop that launcher to ~./local/share/applications
I am not sure how easy this is on Cre (Gnome). On Lite (XFCE), it is a right click and choose "Create launcher"
Alternatively, you can use a .desktop file template to create your app launchers for the app menu. You would need to know the Launch Commands (Wine ID) for the app...

Why not just reinstall the Wine Apps?

use main menu app, then click on option (restore system configuration)

I reinstalled the app but still not showing at main menu.
I dont know how to create a "launcher".

Unfortunatelly not helped, already tried. Thanks!

removed the entire content here ~./local/share/applications
then reinstalled the apps and now it's showing.

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