Main monitor no longer working

Ok. I reinstalled Zorin 16. Im a Pro user. I didnt remember that updates were automatic - updates ran, and now my graphics driver is borked again(6800xt). Pretty tired of the problems I'm having.

How can I recover this without reinstalling? I jsut want my system to work on all monitors and be able to play games again while developing.

Have you tried booting a previous kernel via Zorin Additional Options from grub screen?

Usually automatic updates states there are some updates available. You should have a details option somewhere to uncheck updates you don't want installing and another option to prevent such updates installing in future.

Are you connected a kabel hdmi or display port?
What type a graphic card you using to connect a monitor?

I've never seen updates automatically run and install on Zorin. I get a popup or notification telling me updates are available.

Go back to a previous kernel and see if that solves your graphic problem.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade or sudo apt dist-upgrade.

What I remember best things login to recovery in administrator mode to the terminal and using check package or recovery installtion.

HDMI cable.

Yes I have, thanks. Didnt work

Turned my PC on, didnt do anything. Notification that over 10 updates were performed. Now only one monitor works. I didnt do anything.

I reading somewher some gpu graphics card don't recognize monitor with high Hz.

Have you tried switching your graphics driver? If it's using the 470 and the 515 is available, try using that. The opposite may work for you as well 515 to the 470. This, along with attempting on a previous kernel may resolve your issue.

The only time zorin updates without asking is during installation and only if you choose the install driver and system updates option.

I updated my GPU from 470 to 515 and working.

Thanks. I tried the old driver. Cant deal with this any longer, need the machine to work. Formatted and went back to POP. Everything working smoothly.

I loved Zorin, but it doesnt have good support for new GPUs, despite everyone saying AMD is the best for Linux, its just too new. I'll come back another time, or use Zorin on all my other machines with aged hardware.

So the linux still for ice age a computers.
Good to know.

Out of the box, yes.

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