Make middle button double click


I am relatively new to Zorin OS. I have been using Zorin OS 16.1 for almost a month now. And overall I was able to fix most of the initial issues that I had encountered.

One thing that I am stuck on is making my middle mouse button. I want to make middle button behave as double click when I single-click the middle mouse button.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

This answer was supplied for 18.04... I do not know if it will work on 20.04.

What I would do is fire up a LiveUSB or a VM of Zorin 16 to test it first.

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Slight correction. I am on Zorin OS 16.2. I tried this already. But it's not working :frowning:

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The input-mapper package is no longer in the main repository. But the .deb is available as well as the source on Github:

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Thanks Aravisian .... Input Remapper installs as per instructions and it found all my input devices all 10 of them ..... haven't played with it yet .... will when I have more time ..... can I assume that both of your downloads are the same program just that the last one is on GitHub ??? .... I used the one on


Thank you. Will check it out on my VM and confirm if that works.