Make my Dropbox folders the new "default"

Hi all,

I just installed Zorin for the first time and still trying to figure out how to get my folder structure right. Using Dropbox a lot and would be keen to find these folders first before the "original" folders.

I have understood that the "original" Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures & Videos folders are not to be touched, so the best thing I have come up with is:

  1. Create new folders in Dropbox and add a "2" to their names
  2. Create links to those folders from /home/{username}. Give this link a different color
  3. Store the folder as a favorite in the sidebar in Gnome files.
  4. Make these folders the defaults for all my programs

This feels OK, but would be even better if I could:

  1. Update the panel to the left so I could move up my "own" folders to the top
  2. Change the small little icons on my own folders

Does anyone know if this is possible to do, and have anyone some good best practices to share regarding integrating Dropbox (or any other cloud storage) so that feels like the default options when working in general?



You can right click the directory and then move down to Properties in the menu. A pop up window will show with details... Including the visible Icon for that directory on the upper left. Click that icon to change it.

You would need to change information in the .bin file for nautilus in order to restructure the sidebar treeview and I Do Not Recommend attempting this.

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I wonder if it is more straightforward for OP to install another more customizable file manager such as Thunar or Nemo.

Nemo perhaps, but it also will not easily customize the Treeview.
Nor will Thunar.
SpaceFM, however, might work, as you can create an entire custom Treeview in it (Or at least, you could back when I used it).


Late thanks for the advice's guys! I was thinking that there might be an simple way of how to do this, but keeping the panel is it currently form is not the end of the world after all! :grinning:

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