Make Zorin OS hide the applications when going to different workspaces

This is when using the Windows-like Layout:
As the title suggests, I want to hide the applications not related to a specific workspace so that the taskbar won't be cluttered.

Example #1:

  • Workspace for "Work" only has -> "LibreOffice Word, VSCode, and Documents" in the taskbar
  • While Workspace for "Chill" only has -> "Messenger, Discord, YouTube" in the Taskbar.

The Desktop gets easily claustrophobic when there are eight active applications on the taskbar. Please add this feature to the "Multiple Workspaces feature".

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RIght-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Behavior > Isolate Workspaces.

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Thank you so much, my taskbar now looks less problematic. Thanks for helping me find the option of it.

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