Make Zorin OS looks like Windows 11

Please make Zorin OS looks like Windows 11

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Why not just install the already available Mac theme (ultimate edition or gnome workaround) and modify the css files slightly... it's the same thing.

Sad that windows started in Mac and returns there (to die? )

To be honest, after watching the video the only thing I would like to have on top of Zorin16 would be the possibility to run Android apps :slight_smile:

It's a nah from me.

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Maybe someone Will development a theme for that.

I like the default zorin.

They already plan to have a desktop layout that mimics Windows 11. They just refer to it as Windows 10X (Microsoft scrapped W10X and the UI became Windows 11's UI) in their blog post.


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Thanks for pointing out this information which I have overlooked. It is great to know that I could go back and force between Mac and Windows 11 theme with a single click.