Making a usb stick(32Go) with zorin-os-15.3-Core-64-bit

Hi evrybody and happy new year !!.. I downloaded “zorin-os-15.1-core-64-bit” on to a “Kingston 32gb” stick using “BalenaEther” to flash the image, rebooted and opened up and set the system, typed a fichier to save in doc folder and an image to save in image folder… So far so good !! Closed down zorin and rebooted to find that my 2 files (doc & image) where not there… !!

So, with the same usb stick, same iso zorin started all over again but this time using “Rufus-3.11” but this time “Rufus-3.11” gives me option to “Persistent partition size” seeing as my Kingston stick is 32Gb, I gave it 15Gb and let it go through with it… When done, I rebooted my PC on to usb stick zorin os, opened up, did a text file & a photo file, closed down the system and rebooted again to find if my 2 files were there… wait for it… bingo, NOTHING anywhete !

Can somebody help? or is Zorin a toy to play with and not to save your work ?

I made a “Tails OS, Persistent usb stick” using Rufus-3.11 that works fine, been using it for a long time with lots of stuff on it, photo, video, text etc… all crypted…

Please can someone help me ?? Thanks in advance for any info…

Please see USB boot install
My suspicion is that it may be your USB - try a different one.

@Johnny In first line of your post you mention “zorin-os-15.1-core-64-bit”. Do we assume you really mean 15.3 Core as per title of the thread?
If not find Z15.3 Core download here:

Did you confirm the SHA256 checksum of the dowloaded file before creating your installation USB?

I would then also try another USB stick. My favorite USB creation tool is Unetbootin, but that’s just a personal preference.

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You do not mention installation of Zorin OS on your PC. It seems you would like to create a USB with persistent storage. Tails OS is specifically designed as a portable OS, using TOR network. Zorin is not. have an item: “How to create a live Ubuntu USB drive with persistent storage”.