Making an Arm version

Hi, will there ever be an Arm version of Zorin and how hard is it to compile for Arm etc?


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To quote Azorin from the old forum thread here:
I quote:

However, with the end of one architecture, there comes a new one. Work is ongoing and – while we aren’t able to make any certain promises about it yet – we’re confident that we’ll introduce support for a new architecture in time for the release of Zorin OS 16: ARM. It’s increasingly looking like ARM will be the next logical step for computer processors thanks to some of its technical advantages over x86: it can be more powerful, more energy-efficient, and can make computers far more affordable.
The first ARM device we plan to officially support will be the Raspberry Pi 4. There’s been a lot of progress this year on getting Linux (and Ubuntu-based distros especially) working snappy and smoothly on the RPi 4 while supporting a full desktop workload. The best part is that the Raspberry Pi 4 (and many computers like it) cost as little as $35.
One of the main things that motivated us to focus on ARM devices – and especially low-cost ones like the RPi4 – is to make computers accessible and useful in the developing world. So far, the Raspberry Pi 4 (and the Linux distributions made for it) have generally been aimed at computer tinkerers and beginner programmers, and it’s become a tremendous platform for these use cases. By porting Zorin OS Lite and Education Lite to the Raspberry Pi 4, we’re aiming to make it into a great general-purpose computing platform and educational resource for people who never had access to a computer before.


“Zorin Arm Wallpaper”
So Zorin will be available for arm devices ! ( ? )
I hope Zorin will be available for Pine64’s new
" PineTab ?
Perhaps Zorin Education so youngsters can use it easily ?

Yes, Zorin Team is working on a Project for Zorin on ARM.
This will make Zorin OS available for easier installation and use on Tablets and similar ARM devices.
An exciting prospect.

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I discovered the Pinebook Pro from Pine64 just about a year ago, and I just had to have one.
Then the Brave Heart Pine phone, and I got one of those, now I am looking at the PineTab tablet.
These are all ‘arm64’ devices, so they all require the newer arm software.
One of the cool features of most Pine64 devices is that they can test drive the operating systems from an SD card, before actually installing to the main drive.
Installing a operating system to an arm computers eMMC or SSD drives is a bit more complex than installing to the typical AMD/Intel computers main drive.
So doing a test run of the operating system is a great idea.
Will it work or do you like it…?

  • Pine64 is strictly a hardware supplier, so they depend on the Linux community to develop software that will run on their hardware.
    It will be great to have all my devices running on the same Open Source software !
    I do look forward to test driving your Zorin16 Arm operating system.

Hello…is there a timeline for unleashing Zorin Education on RPI4 devices? will this require a minimum of 4GB or 8GB for the RPI?

Can I use Zorin OS or Zorin Lite for my Raspberry Pi 4 8GB ??

As @Aravisian mentioned above, Zorin devs are looking at Zorin on ARM, but I have not seen any announcenment yet. I assume their priority right now is ZorinOS16 Beta release.

@AZorin @zorink any fresh news on ARM support?

We're planning to create an ARM version of Zorin OS 16 for the Raspberry Pi 4 & 400, which we're aiming to launch in the future.


Thank you

I as a pi 4 user myself, and as a fan of both it and Zorin OS would love to see it, I think ARM is no doubt the future of computing; and the Raspberry pi has been consistently a great entry point to it, as such I see Zorin OS 16 a must have bridge for Windows users to start using ARM comfortably and fast

Will be there any beta for the pi? If you want a tip from me I would suggest you to add the switch to change the super key behavior in the welcome screen and have it set by default to the menu, a beginner user will not read anything, and most likely will close the welcome screen ASAP, plus, he will expect super to relate to the menu by default

Or you could add a third option like in GNOME 40 to have the menu respond to a quick double super key press

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It would be great to have a standard version for ARM64 that can run under HyperVisor (Parallels or VMware Fusion in Preview) on macOS AppleSilicon.
The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13", and iMac are Apple's highest sellers and more machines are coming out this month.

ARM? I just ordered an ECS LIVA Mini Box QC710 Desktop which is the Qualcomm 64-bit ARM Developer Kit for Windows. It is my hope that I can swap out the eMMC (otherwise I'll just overwrite it IF possible) and install and ARM Zorin 16 Core build. Gary Explain's newest video says this device is 2x as powerful as an RPi 4B, therefore I'm guessing it's a legitimate Desktop Replacement. Very small form factor, very low TDP, relatively inexpensive. Hoping Zorin will be it's OS. :+1:

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Is the Zorin OS team still working on the ARM based version?

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I took the plunge and decided to try the beta setup on my Raspberry Pi 4 8gb by following the instructions to start with Ubuntu Server and so far, everything has been great considering it is beta. I like the look and it is fast and efficient and even works with my Argon One M2 Fan Script I need. There were things that didn't get installed and I have no HDMI sound output to my monitor but that's ok for now. I would say give it a try.

Pop! OS released a image file yesterday for the Raspberry Pi 4. Pop!_OS ISO Image (RAS PI 4)

SHA256 Sum: b426d9b6a81e940e2bf728b0d2f25997ac6616185aaf80300553f0edc237e9a5

For everyone who can't wait and is looking an up to date installation guide on the Raspberry Pi 4, here you go. :smiley:

I will use it for my tegra 2 laptop.

Hi Zorin-Team,

many years ago I started with Zorin, I think it was version 9.
Now I reactivated a Win7 Laptop with Zorin 16. Really nice OS, like it very much.

Yesterday I tested the pop-file with my Rasperry 2 model B and Raspberry 3. Like expected I could install it, but the Desktop can´t be loaded. There is no error but it just starts not an goes back to the logon screen.

I´m happy to see that you also want to bring Zorin for ARM, do you have any news how it works on a Rasperry 4?

Have a nice weekend.


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I am very curious, when is Zorin Team going to make arm-based builds? I saw Zorin OS 16 and it looked awesome! Yes, there are other Youtube videos like on how to get Zorin OS on Raspberry Pi 4, but that requires Ethernet and I am in my room. The internet router is in the living room and the cable isn't long enough to reach my room. I also don't want to buy anything new. So when will arm-based builds be released? I really want Zorin OS 16 running on my Raspberry Pi!

It's okay if there aren't any responses to this question, Zorin Team said they are making an arm version. I just want to know when it is going to be released.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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