Making an Arm version

Hi, will there ever be an Arm version of Zorin and how hard is it to compile for Arm etc?


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To quote Azorin from the old forum thread here:
I quote:

However, with the end of one architecture, there comes a new one. Work is ongoing and – while we aren’t able to make any certain promises about it yet – we’re confident that we’ll introduce support for a new architecture in time for the release of Zorin OS 16: ARM. It’s increasingly looking like ARM will be the next logical step for computer processors thanks to some of its technical advantages over x86: it can be more powerful, more energy-efficient, and can make computers far more affordable.
The first ARM device we plan to officially support will be the Raspberry Pi 4. There’s been a lot of progress this year on getting Linux (and Ubuntu-based distros especially) working snappy and smoothly on the RPi 4 while supporting a full desktop workload. The best part is that the Raspberry Pi 4 (and many computers like it) cost as little as $35.
One of the main things that motivated us to focus on ARM devices – and especially low-cost ones like the RPi4 – is to make computers accessible and useful in the developing world. So far, the Raspberry Pi 4 (and the Linux distributions made for it) have generally been aimed at computer tinkerers and beginner programmers, and it’s become a tremendous platform for these use cases. By porting Zorin OS Lite and Education Lite to the Raspberry Pi 4, we’re aiming to make it into a great general-purpose computing platform and educational resource for people who never had access to a computer before.


“Zorin Arm Wallpaper”
So Zorin will be available for arm devices ! ( ? )
I hope Zorin will be available for Pine64’s new
" PineTab ?
Perhaps Zorin Education so youngsters can use it easily ?

Yes, Zorin Team is working on a Project for Zorin on ARM.
This will make Zorin OS available for easier installation and use on Tablets and similar ARM devices.
An exciting prospect.

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I discovered the Pinebook Pro from Pine64 just about a year ago, and I just had to have one.
Then the Brave Heart Pine phone, and I got one of those, now I am looking at the PineTab tablet.
These are all ‘arm64’ devices, so they all require the newer arm software.
One of the cool features of most Pine64 devices is that they can test drive the operating systems from an SD card, before actually installing to the main drive.
Installing a operating system to an arm computers eMMC or SSD drives is a bit more complex than installing to the typical AMD/Intel computers main drive.
So doing a test run of the operating system is a great idea.
Will it work or do you like it…?

  • Pine64 is strictly a hardware supplier, so they depend on the Linux community to develop software that will run on their hardware.
    It will be great to have all my devices running on the same Open Source software !
    I do look forward to test driving your Zorin16 Arm operating system.