Making the switch from Windows 10

Does Zorin have something like “Storage spaces” like in Windows 10?

Thank you for your help!!

Sounds like Storage Spaces is Windows dynamic disks plus a bit of RAID? Not quite sure there’s a Linux equivalent but setting up an LVM is probably equivalent to dynamic disks.
I’d have to research more to see how you’d add RAID to the mix.

Or, you can use various BackUp tools to back up your data to protect from data loss in the event of HDD or SDD failure. Every member has an opinion of which is the best…
Personally, I do not use a back-up app like Duplicity Back Up (Which is what comes with Zorin). I have gotten into the habit of backing up my work as I go. This causes me to have less clutter and bloat in the back up disk. It allows backing up to be done very fast. It allows me complete control of what gets backed up. And it does not rely on a separate apps back-up coding which infrequently (but annoying when it does) will fail causing the data to be backed up but not readable.

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I personally use rsync for my backup solution. It gives me the control I want, and it’s fast. Also, it has been around forever.

That said, I’m curious about your setup. Are you backing up locally or to some type of NAS?

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I use pCloud. Their app allows you to sync local folders to pCloud automatically. Not an actual backup solution but I believe that you can get back previous versions of file.

I have an unRAID NAS that I store everything on. However, the movies and TV shows I have stored on the NAS, I also have backed up/second copy on one of my familys’ (local) Windows tower (using Storage Spaces). So heaven forbid my NAS just completely died I shouldn’t need to re-download all my shows. My documents & other important files I have backed up to a second unRAID machine off site.