Manual Partition with encryption option (extended)

Hi guys,

it seems, that there is no way to run the manual partition during Zorin installation and have the encryption option switched on at the same time.
Reason is, I want to split the volume and add a fat32 table and have a seperate /home.

What did I do wrong? When manually partitioning before, Zoring overwrites it, when I switch on encryption.

What did I do wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Maybe you want to use a wrong filesystem?

I'm assuming that you want to use the fat32 in addition to Ext4 & swap partitions. Right?

Having a fat32 partition is no problem at all, using it as your /home is not a good idea at all.

That said, I had to install Zorin three times since it apparently did not like the myriad of partitions that I wanted it to add to /etc/fstab (okay, so I'll do it myself...)

It seems to have issues with anything other than vanilla installations.


ok - the plan is to have 2 mor seperate partitions - one /home (seperate ext4) and one FAT32 seperate for data exchange with windows.

However - I have read, that splitting the existing system partition with encryption is not a good idea? That is the reason, why I asked how to do it during the install - when i manually make a partition upfront, the installation overwrites it, once I select with encryption?????

Or are the special partitions, I need to create before hand, so Zorin does use them also with the encrytion option?

Sorry for not being precise enough - I think that is, why windows users are giving up at some point in time - with Bitlocker you decrypt, split and encrypt again. This does not work with the Lucks tool, if the system partition is encrypted.

But I am so fed up with Microsoft, that I want to get this up and running.

Thanks again for your help.

Personally I avoid encryption like the plague as you are potentially opening yourself to the risk of losing data. I remember purchasing SuSE Linux 9.3 Professional and during install it offered the option of encryption on the understanding that the possibility of data loss can occur. When you install any system, the OS registers elements at time of install. Should your OS fall over, reinstalling the System will prevent you from accessing your encrypted data. I had this happen in a real life scenario in my last working life employment. My manager wanted her Business Officer's Data encrypted (Windows XP). 3 days later XP went south and after fresh install of the system the encrypted data partition was inaccessible. Fortunately the Business Officer had backed up all the data before encryption took place so only one daycs worth of data was lost. I made a tutorial on partitioning for access by both Windows and Zorin here:

Thank you for that answer - good arguments.

I was also thinking to run the system without encryption and just have the partitions with data encrypted (? /home) - But where are the system related data like browser passwords and logins ? Can I keep this at the /home? - And - Can I encrypt /home without the encryption of the system? I will test this next!

Can I also use Luks encrytion for a FAT32 or NTFS partition? But I think, I will not have the latter, but use an external usb drive - I just recognized, that Zorin 17 can easily handle Bitlocker drives with read AND write those NTFS partitions on the usb drive.

That really made my last weekend, so I can finally say goodbye to Windows in near future.

Zorin is really good. (I am still testing with the encrypted SSD - works all very secure and stable .......).

Keep going like this!!

Hello again,

now tried a new installation and wanted to encrypt the /home - but it did not let me do so.

Is there an easy (Linux dummy coming from Windows) way to encrypt the /home (and maybe the /usr and /usr/local) after the installation?

Sunny greetings from the Baltic sea:-)