Many packages in Ubuntu repositories are out of date

Does Ubuntu not want to maintain APT? When will they upgrade Firefox, Inkscape and so on?

For a package to be "out of date", it must be no longer relevant, no longer usable or is impaired by a lack of support.
Inkscape, Firefox and other packages in the Main Universe repository are functional, applicable and Up to Date. They are Not OutDated.
What they may not be is the Latest and Newest version.

For users that crave the latest and newest packages and do not mind being BETA testers and reporting bugs, there are Rolling Distros that supply only the Latest Versions, regardless of whether or not they are stable.
This is an important function and such BETA testing is crucial for development.

However for many regular use computer users, stability is preferred over unstable-testing branches.

The Main Universe Repository for LTS provides Stable Packages.

I am currently on GIMP 2.99 and Inkscape 1.2 - Specifically because I installed the latest for testing purposes.
And while I love the Inkscape version 1.2, GIMP 2.99 is very buggy. It crashes a lot. It freezes or it turns into molasses.
I have been enjoying the testing but I may have to switch it back (downgrade) to a Stable package as in the Main U Repo before I lose my mind.


Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me. My understanding was certainly lacking.

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