Massive (partial upgrade) update, but weird issue with updater

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It's been a while since I've been able to turn my machine on. When I do, I have a massive update via "partial upgrade". When it's finally done and I reboot, I still get the message it's trying to check for updates - but it fails to download repository information. When I hit "Try Again", I get the same error trying to download the repo info. When I hit "Ok", it then shows me a message that no software updates are available. I am connected to the internet, sending this (receiving partial upgrade, etc.) The screenshot is what I'm seeing.

Screenshot from 2024-04-08 19-04-12

[after hitting "Ok"]
Screenshot from 2024-04-08 19-05-27

Previous to this issue, I was seeing the updater always telling me there was a small unnamed 250kb update to install, but it never did/could. Could I be having issues with my updater core files; and maybe need to reinstall or something? Is there an issue with the repositories? I'm current set to receive updates from the "Main" server.

Any help would be appreciated in figuring out what it was that I might have done wrong or what update I need to undo. Thanks in advance!

Open terminal and run:

sudo apt update

If it shows no error then no need to worry about.


Does the command you suggested not perform the same function as the "Software Update" utility, but with the caveat of the latter running a process in the background of a GUI? At least this is my understanding.

Yes, but running it through terminal will show you which repository is failing to download information and giving you the error. Then you can check why it's failing but if there are no errors then run the Software updater again and check if you still getting the same error or not.

The same thing happened to me a years ago. It got fixed automatically after some time later. What I learned from this, it could be problem from the server side.

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Doh! I can't believe I didn't see that. Thanks for the clarification.

Once I get back from work travel in a few months, will give it a shot... If I remember :joy:

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Have a good one
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