Master Duels

I am running Proton version 3.7 with Steam to run YuGiOh Masters Duels but i get below this error:

Someone that know how to run Steam Games on Linux?

You need to run Proton 7.0.2 via Steam.

I tried with Proton 7.0.2 but it got worse @Storm image below:

See if you can find any useful here:
Most people reported it works well. Some are using Proton Experimental. Are you running Steam via flatpak? Try switch to .deb package. Also what your computer specs?

@Storm i think this is a Firewall issue how can i do that the Firewall on Zorin OS allows the Steam Application?

I'm pretty sure that you can allow Steam through the Firewall in the "Rules" section.

It solved i just changed to Wine

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