Mate on Zorin 16?

Will Mate de work on Zorin 16 Pro? Just checking . . .

Yes, it does. And... I have had it installed for several months.

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YEA! I love Mate - thanks!

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Aravisian - Did you use or ubuntu mate for the install?

I use the Ubuntu repository
I just

sudo apt install mate

and configure or add whatever I want after that.
You may prefer the fuller desktop:

sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop

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Did you go with gdm3 or lightdm?

I always go with LightDM. I can make it look however I want. It's not as buggy or glitchy as GDM, more stable and reliable.
If you go with LightDM, you should install

sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

for the GUI application to configure and customize it.
There are more settings than the GUI covers, which can be modified in the application .conf file.


Thanks Aravisian - that works just great! Love Mate :star_struck:

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Can you put a screenshot to see?

I like mate DE but never install on zorin.

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Here you go . . .


What the major diff. between Gnome, Mate or Cinnamon for ZorinOS that is?

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Mate is a gtk3 version of gtk2; reminiscent of Gnome 2.
It is mid to light weight, moderately configurable. Mate uses Metacity for the Window Management. Desktop is managed by its Caja File manager.

Cinnamon is a fork of mate, mid weight, offers more options and is more configurable than Mate. It offers the Nemo File Manager. Cinnamon has a shell for handling the panel and desktop. Cinnamon uses Metacity (3).

Gnome is a heavy weight desktop that is less configurable, geared more toward simplicity and the Average User. The desktop is managed by Gnome-Shell and Nautilus File Manager. It offers no user controlled Window Management other than basic Mutter. It is stripped down, requiring the user to find and install independently created Gnome-Shell-Extensions to achieve configuration or certain functionality.


Thanks Aravisian,

visiting this forum I see a lot of DE (print screens) coming by, Mate and Cinnamon (Budgie not to forget) among some and all looking really good with ZorinOS.

I only have tried KDE and it looked good. What comes with these DE is all the settings you can do. All of them have their own I suppose.

For now I only use Gnome on Zorin it's pretty stable, but when I see these issues with extension, makes me wonder, if there are also issues with the other DE's once they get installed.

You often see other distro's offer their OS with diff. DE, like Mint. Had a KDE DE, which I have tried, liked it, but now it's not supported or continued.

If Zorin would bring their OS with diff DE guess the support wouldn't get much sleep (yes, I remember your poll Aravisian). Just wonder, don't wanna open a Pandora's box.

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Zorin is very flexible configuration. Then best performance gui in linux configurable is mate? " Chinese Word mate is "peace"?

Bourne, you even speak chinese. NI HAO :grin:

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