Material Shell Error

Not able to get material shell working on zorin. After switching the extension to ON I see “ERROR” on the gnome extensions page. Please help.

Usually that can mean one of two things:

  1. The extension will only work on an earlier gnome-shell
  2. It will only work on a higher version of gnome-shell.

My advice for now is to remove it by switching it off then uninstall - can’t remember the process - been a while since I added any extensions. :wink:

I see that material shell requires a more latest version of gnome shell. Is it possible to upgrade gnome shell of zorin? If yes, will there be any issues by upgrading gnome shell?

I think that is one for the devs to answer - do you know what Ubuntu 20.04 is running? If it matches the version that material shell is using then once Zorin 16 is released later this/early next year the problem should get solved. I must say I am pretty ignorant as to what dependencies versions of the gnome-shell are but I suspect the kernel version is likely to have an influence. Other people on here have raced ahead to kernel 5.8 (currently on 5.4 in Zorin 15.x) so that ‘could’ be a way forward but I would backup anything critical before you try it! :wink:

You cannot upgrade gnome-shell and if you did do so, it would create a slew of problems. Too much integration.

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