First time poster :wave:

First up I've been loving Zorin for the best part of a year, I even did up an old PC with Zorin and gave it to a family who needed it for education.

Anyhow; I've finally made the jump to Zorin on my main system (moving away from Win7 Ent), I have been pleasantly surprised just how much of the Windows software I relied upon is now natively supported or viable alternatives :partying_face:

One Windows application I am missing is MatterControl by MatterHackers (superb 3D modelling software made easy).

I have tried both their .deb file and trying the Windows file via Wine but without success at the moment. The .deb after installation just doesn't give a working app, it doesn't open. I like to think I'm usually quite good at troubleshooting a lot of Linux problems but haven't nailed this one yet.

I wanted to ask if anyone else out there in the community was using MatterControl successfully on Zorin OS?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I know nothing about this application, but have you checked this github page?

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Also, the troubleshooting performed here may help:

Which matches the pre-requisites here:


Thank you for the really useful replies, I actually hadn't seen that page you mentioned.

I followed the steps and it felt like it got me slightly closer with a better newer mono etc. but it still wasn't working. I was getting a "X11 Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)" error, but good news is however thanks to the tip on this page, essentially what fixed it for me was, editing:
sudo vim /usr/lib/mattercontrol/appsettings.json
And I changed line:
"Color": 32,
To be:
"Color": 24,
And it worked! :partying_face: thank you so much folks, this one was application that I had on Windows that I was sorely missing on Zorin OS. My experience on Zorin is going beautifully for the most part.


I have reached out to the company (MatterHackers) to see if they will accept this find/fix as a contribution to the "Know Issues" section of that page so hopefully it helps other Zorin & nix users in the future :slight_smile:


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