Maui Shell seems like a very interesting KDE graphical environment

In the mood to try a new desktop shell? Well, the folks behind Nitrux have formally announced Maui Shell and it sure does look pretty.

A desktop environment with an aim to scale and look good across a wide range of different devices including mobiles, tables and desktop computers. They said the aim is to have "no need for multiple versions targeting different form factors" and it's seriously slick. Worth noting at this point, it is far from finished with plenty of missing features. The developers have announced it to get some early testing and feedback.

Built on top of KDE tech, it's comprised of two main parts:

  • Cask is the shell container and elements templates, such as panels, popups, cards, etc.
  • Zpace is the composer, which is the layout and places the windows or surfaces into the Cask container.

Their current roadmap aims for a stable 1.0.0 release in September, followed by the next major version in December.

See more in their blog post and find it on GitHub. The latest release of Nitrux (v1.8.0) includes a preview of Maui Shell.

You can see a brief preview of the normal desktop mode below:

YouTube Thumbnail

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