Maximum RAM support by ZorinOS

I have 4 RAM on my PC, each 4 GB, but the system detects 10 GB of RAM, what is the problem here?
P.S, I installed one of them recently and has 1600MHz bus, three of them are 1333 MHz

You are reading it wrong, its understandable, its a bit confusing for first timers.

RAM USED / RAM Available
1058MIB - /// - 15887MIB

I have correct.

xfce using more ram from GNOME?

I know that, It uses 10 GB of 16 GB ...! This is my question. Why? Why not whole 16 GB

Look at the output if the command to see how your memory is being used.
free m

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Thanks, I get what happens now

              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:       16268796     1788976    11727372      365068     2752448    13776532
Swap:       2097148           0     2097148

Don't have too much knowledge about hardware but I think it depends upon the system, that how much is can handle.... Any OS doesn't have any specific benchmark for max hardware use since they can be update with patch...... :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guys, I prefer Stacer for this duty. Its prettier, and it does the job far easier, and you can much easier make sense of the results.


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Linux users must maintain a sense of humor.:wink:


I guess, googled it and found this.

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Try looking up the movie "Spaceballs".

Got it,

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StarTreker, man you keep amazing me. Even though you're not commenting, you're responsible for a good laugh.


Aravisian is correct. Otherwise life would be boring and suck as much as Windows. On my POP OS machine, the host name is Jawa@Mutini. I think its clear that I love Star Trek, Star Wars, and Space balls equally as much.

Also, I can't even begin to tell Aravisian just how delicious that theme setup it. So, once I get OS 16 LITE installed on the new NVME drive that is coming in the mail, I am going to install Aravisian's theme, and hopefully have that same look as you see in his post up there.

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Just downloaded it ... your right it does look better ...

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