Merging zorin forum user IDs

Zorin 16.3 Pro user:
In my zeal to get to the help forums
I had signed up in my old Google Chrome setup (with associated gmail account, from my former MS days)
Since then, and for reasons not relevant, I have set up a new Google Chrome/gmail account;
is it possible to merge the two accounts/memberships?
I would prefer to keep things tidy, by keeping everything associated with one (i.e. the latest) Google Chrome setup.... and would like to keep all postings on the same page (as it were).

The Site Administrators must do that using the Transfer and Delete option.
Notifying @staff

Or, you can Message the ZorinGroup directly to make the request.

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ok, thanks for quick reply;
clicked on "@staff", do not not see how to "direct message" them.
trying to avoid publishing associated gmail addresses on an open forum.

p.s. can I "direct message" you?

p.p.s. I have signed up with AskZorin with a new UserName ("MSrefugee")

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