Merry Christmas To All In 2022! 🎄

..........................................................Merry Christmas!................................................

Christmas is just right around the corner (5-Days) :christmas_tree:

This can be a tough time of the year for many, some folks battle depression, some folks battle physical ailments, and some folks are dealing with weather related concerns, like me.

It is important to remember that Christmas is not about receiving lots of gifts. Christmas is about giving, putting those you love, above your own self interests. Giving your heart and carrying for another, is a great way to give.

Another great way to give, is to give to the poor. There are folks who are in need, food, medicine, clothing, and shelter. If you have anything taking up space in your house that you never use, consider giving to folks who truly need it.

But most of all, Christmas is always best, when you get to share it with family. The world can be falling apart, but as long as you have your family, you can get through anything, that is the strength of family bonds.

And if nothing else, may Zorin OS 16.2, bring you happiness, so that you can release that positive energy, so that I may see that smile, of the amazing person that I know is you. :heart:


Thank you for your very thoughtful post. So Merry Christmas to you also and may God bless you greatly in the coming year.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well.
Live long and prosper!


Have cool yule !! :sunglasses:

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year, and that your day was filled with much cheer, happiness, and love. Was anyone here given any gifts this year, if so, if you don't mind, please do share. While the greatest gift in this world is love, we don't mind finding a few surprises in our stockings once in awhile lol.

A couple years ago, I got a new computer, and I put Zorin OS 16 on it, this actually pre-dated OS 16.1 and 16.2. And then months later, I upgraded the computer with another 1TB drive. Because of this, my electronics needs and OS needs were met, and still are infact, so I didn't need anything electronic based.

As we all know, in the famous movie, A Christmas Story, Ralphy's greatest love, was his Red Rider BB gun. He's the new Sheriff, and hes gonna clean up all that dirty code from Windows. :rofl:

While I do infact own a BB gun, I haven't shot it in years, and it just hangs on my wall for display, and wow is it covered in dust, poor Ralphy would be horrified at the sight of the condition of my BB gun. :rofl:

I know that most of the folks in the USA actually shave with a cartridge razor, or they use an electric razor. Did you know that most folks in Europe still shave using a traditional safety razor? Do you know why? Its because they shave far better then any cart razor or electric razor ever could. And yes, I speak from experience!

Because I have been good this year, I ended up on Santa's nice list. I checked my stocking, and I found that Santa delivered me a very special gift by North Pole Logistics.

This is the Copper Ascension Twist Adjustable In Rose Gold, from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements.

The Copper Ascension Twist Adjustable In Rose Gold, is 3.75-inches or 95-mm long, and weighs approximately 4.13-ounces or 118-grams. This razor is CNC machined out of tellurium copper, with a rose gold electroplate coating applied, and is polished for a lovely shine. Starting blade gap is .05-mm or 500-microns.

Its one heck of a razor, and literally has provided me the best shave of my life, I highly recommend it. :heart_eyes:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! :christmas_tree: :mirror_ball:

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I managed to get myself a Steam Deck this Christmas, not to make anyone jealous.

That will solve my eGPU problem for now.

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Lovely tree :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lots of folks love their Steam Decks. And while they are a portable device, the best part about them, is they can be connected to a TV display, and used like a regular console.

Steam Decks run on Linux, which is another plus. Anything you can do to stay away from Windows is a good thing. When I got my computer, it came with Windows10 on it. But you wanna hear something funny?

I never booted the computer up into the OS, not once. Microsoft never got to see my network, and screw around with it, I ripped Windows off my computer using the best method ever, by deleting all the partitions off the drive, and started fresh with Linux.

Now that we have Right To Repair, the Steam Decks were constructed with that in mind. They are easy to work on, easy to replace parts. And another great thing is, the storage on them is upgradable. So if you need more down the line, you can do it.

Linus Sabastion has done some crazy video's on Steam Decks, I think you might enjoy them. Congrats!

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