Merry Christmas Zorin Users! Zorin OS 16 LITE Is Now Released! 🎄

XFCE is a different desktop and not a downgrade.

I could just as easily say "downgrade" XFCE to Gnome and it would still make no sense. XFCE is not an earlier version of Gnome.


It is to cold here and need a time to prepare for installation xfce.

Xfce over Gnome always :slight_smile:


Weather XFCE is an upgrade or downgrade, depends on how it runs on ones computer. For me, in certain areas, its a clear downgrade.

To not complicate fresh installation i get. Diffrence xfce are more configurable desktop.

The things that I like about XFCE, is that it performs like a race car. And it does all of that, while using less resources from the system, less RAM usage for example. And yes, XFCE is more customizable, as we all know.

However, what I don't like, is how its broken everywhere else for me. So, as much as I like the good parts about it, I have to be honest about the bad parts. Of course, I know all too well, that everybodies experience is going to be different.

This is because everybody is rocking different computer's different hardware. So ones person's experience, won't necessarily be another's. I know that you have had a lot of issues in the past on here, its been well documented by you.

I am hoping, that you have a smoother experience then I, with Zorin OS Pro LITE.

I get on Zorin OS Pro LITE black screen when using some time. With Gnome don't have that.
Don't know what it could be. I understand if I will a playing some games on that but only using a webbrowser.
Unstable > problematic > cannot use > another word annoying.
Computers are complicated. How many type case pc,power supplies.processors and etc.

Reading today 1 milion downloads this Zorin Lite.

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I found out that this lite version is not so stable yet, well, I guess it is normal for a kind of newish OS, I had to reinstall Lite for a second time because I lost my complete desktop and my pointer/cursor changed in this small X, I dont know what happened exactly but it happened after trying to intstall something from the Software shop. I had to use a hard reset by using the on-off button and after restart it became even worse. And yes, I checked the checksum before installing. After reinstalling I am rather careful with what I do, dont want to break anything again. I really do not know what I did wrong but I guess it is because I am still a newbie, and that is okay. Learning every day. But when Lite works it is very fast and looks beautiful. The gnome version is a lot slower but imho more stable.

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Can I ask what you were installing?

Currently, as it is right now, I am subscribing to your interpretation of this, as I feel the same way. Having said that however, we have to keep in mind too, that this is a newly released OS. And there is gonna be bugs, and weird things going on, thats just how it is.

If you followed my post on my experience, things went so backwards that I popped my top off, and released so much steam, I drenched my walls in percepetation! So, in your specific case, looks like your trying again right away, good deal!

For me, I am entering a patient waiting mode. I am going to let the dev's figure out whats what, fix what they can, push some bug fixes, or changes, whatever is needed. If they want feedback from me, I will provide it as needed.

When I am ready, I will try out XFCE again. But for now, I feel the same way as you do, and I am back on my stable Gnome experience. But I haven't installed games on either OS variations, because again, I am in the waiting period.

I haven't decided which OS is gonna win out here for games. What I do know is, I'd prefer to use XFCE, cause just as you said, it performs far better in sheer speed performance, smoothness, and less resource usage out of box experience.

Those are some of the best aspect of XFCE, plus it being customizable of course. I am hoping XFCE in LITE will get more stable in the future from updated fixes and the like. But yes, Gnome is more stable.

Kees, were in this boat together dude. But please keep us updated on your LITE/XFCE experience, I will be following any posts you make on the subject. I am trying to stay informed.


I tried to intstall synaptic,
after my second installation of Lite I installed synaptic by use of CLI (had to search for it) which went flawless. Anyway, Lite is installed on my old Lenovo and that is quite a naughty laptop when it comes to intstalling or re-installing Linux versions or even Windows. But hey!! who is the boss? me or the machine, haha


As I look at all the threads on...

  • Gnome shell extensions misbehaving unpredictably
  • GDM3 failures
  • uhhh... Gnome-Software

Actually... I'm gonna cut myself off here. We all know.

You wanted to overclock your CPU... While simultaneously disabling the lid switch. This defies all safety protocols of the machine. Sure, you have a reason why and sure, it is what you want to do, but not being able to immediately do so does not make Zorin Lite "less than stable" and it does not make it "broken" like you have been saying.

Zorin OS Lite is not unstable just because you said you do not know how to adjust something. Or know which app to use to overclock your CPU. These are not system instabilities nor breakages.

Zorin OS Lite was only just released. And are there improvements than can be made? Sure. And ZorinGroup has already implemented a few and a few fixes, too.
Are there bugs in things that should work out of the box? Yes. For example, video playback. And there's something about in a few cases, the Ubiquity installer is having difficulty recognizing the correct drive. Show me any initial release that is perfect upon launch. User feedback is the best testbed.

I think it was you, even, that stated you saw that Zorin OS Lite has had a million downloads. IF that is the case, why is the forum not flooded with complaints about the Instabilities?

Your feedback is helpful and your suggestions are worthy of examining for implementation. But please try to refrain from such broad sweeping generalizations as claiming Zorin OS 16 Lite is "broken" or "unstable" on such baseless grounds.


Gnome 41.2
This mean they fixed many bugs or will be better?

We all know new fresh all operating systems and need some updates to fix problems. When you see that you can sending somewhere information and then people can fix that or trying find a solution for that. I know the same in games when they out always they must created some patch to correctly working for users. Don't be a perfrect - check windows 11 how buggy when it out released.

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It is clear that my feedback is not valued here. Any opinions that say anything bad about LITE are not respected here. Because we all use operating systems in a different way, I figured it was important to the dev's to hear feedback on different use cases, so they know areas where to improve or what fixes can be made.

Ever since I began posting my feedback on here about LITE, I am constantly getting shutdown by Aravisian. Its very obvious that none of my feedback is appreciated. Other members opinions are respected more on here because they say only positive things about LITE.

I am not going to tell everyone on here that things are rainbows and skiddles with an OS when its not. Sure, the OS may work perfectly fine for someone else who is using it in a more simplified or different way. But it doesn't work for me. But instead of taking my feedback, respecting it, and the dev's improving upons it, I get attacked for my opinions and feedback.

Trying to participate on this site has been nothing but a nightmare for me. I tried to take a break from it in hopes that things would improve. But nope, StarTreker is going to be the punching bad for everybody.

Fine, you know what, I am not going to post anymore feedback ever again on this site. Dev's you are on your own. If you find somebody else to post feedback on my same issues, great, but it won't be me. I am sick and tired of this BS.

StarTreker is shutting down. Goodbye.

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Actually... I was trying repeatedly to help you troubleshoot the issues you reported. However, when you started declaring, in multiple threads, that Zorin OS Lite 16 is broken and unstable, this needed to be addressed.
I also tried to encourage you to believe in yourself and open up your avenues of learning instead of just calling it quits.

Aside from believing in yourself: You need to take Responsibility for yourself.

Thread closed. There is no need for an argument on these issues.
Let the record stand.