Meson is out of data using apt-get install

Meson is out of data using apt-get install.
also installing it from python tends to not add it to path

How about installing via Synaptic?

there is two of them…

EDIT: also why is there a package manager if I have to use synaptic?

Pretty sure the second one, just ‘meson’ is the one you want. Disclaimer- I have never used meson.
Synaptic is actually the optional program. Using terminal is the more powerful way to install (always more optionality in terminal than in anything else) but Synaptic makes it easier than having to troubleshoot the correct syntax on a failed install.

@carmar I tried to install meson with apt the problem is its outdated

just checked and apt installs meson 0.47.2

You will not always get the latest versions for any program. The versions available through the package managers are the ones that have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with the Linux distro you are using. You can go outside these repositories and see if the application provider has a Linux version that will install on your distro but then you end up with the consequences of any instabilities.

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I did not realize that thankyou for explaining!