Messed up colors

the colors are mismatched and they are not accurate, it's a laptop screen with intel 620 UHD mesa driver
zorin os 16.2

like in, the blue background turns out purple automatically, please help me out


I had a similar issue with my Firefox, some websites were displaying black/white text on black/white background (so everything unreadable unless highlighted). I just had to enable Use system colors on Firefox settings and I fixed. Assuming it's not a hardware damage, is your issue only on the browser or on the whole system? Check these :point_down:
:point_right: Settings > Colors > you should have at least 1 profile enabled
:point_right: Settings > Accessibility > High Contrast should be disabled
:point_right: Zorin Appearance > Theme > Other > all 3 options should be blank

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Gday @DeadstarIII , Welcome to our community!
Things to check:
settings/screen display/ Make sure "fractional scaling" is Off.
Check your screen resolution matches your screen spec's.
Make sure your updates are current.
it may also be the setting in Discord,

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Just found this new Topic, may help.

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no everything is okay and matched with the system and fractional scaling is off
not only discord but everything which has that specific blue tone becomes purple

no this doesn't help because other colors are also messed up like green yellow red etc.

in zorin appearance theme
I'm using macOS big sur theme but removing that doesn't affect the color, I saw this problem just after installation

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In Settings/color do you have " sync master monitor" , On?
In Settings/Screen Display/Night Light,
try activating & change the color temp.
How long have you had Zorin installed?
Have you run updates?
How are you running Zorin? ( dual,live,clean install)

Also goto,
Zorin Appearance/Themes/Other & reset to default,( You may need to reset your personal things later)

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Also as Luca_Pavan said, But try this as well.
If your in dark theme,
change the "Accent color" & watch the color change on the time in the taskbar , as an example of some settings may effect the appearance of some thing's.

Their are also different dark themes with a different tinges, like purple/blue/red/orange/etc. This also changes the color's

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that doesn't work
I'm using Zorin since yesterday
I'm running zorin in dual boot with windows ten
yes up-to-date
I can't live without night light so i turned it on just after installation

that doesn't affect the problem

purple purple

also, when I select something, it becomes purple instead of blue...


kinda like this but I don't have any colors.css

Hey it's solved automatically, idk how

Good to hear,, :+1:

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