How to make discord match the Zorin shell theme:

I recently discovered you can make discord look like any official Zorin theme:

I figured a lot of people here would want discord to match the rest of their applications, so I made a quick tutorial how:

  1. Install discord (I'll use the flatpak version for this tutorial)
  2. Install better discord:
$ curl -O
$ chmod +x betterdiscordctl
$ sudo mv betterdiscordctl /usr/local/bin

For Flatpak

$ betterdiscordctl --d-install flatpak install
  1. Download the Zelk theme: Zelk - BetterDiscord
  2. Open discord - Navigate to settings > themes (very bottom) > open the themes folder, drag downloaded theme to theme folder and enable it.
  3. If you have a different accent colour than blue on your gnome shell, click edit theme (pencil icon), and uncomment the line that matches your accent color, hit save (top left)

I use dark purple on my Gnome shell theme so I uncomment the line with purple:

(And make sure to save it)

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