Messed up icons in some windows

The experience with Zorin 16 Core has been amazing so far. Much more snappy than 15.3 on old machines. One thing bugs me though: in some windows the icons are messed up. For example when downloading a file from Brave browser:

Would you mind looking into that @AZorin and @zorink ? Thanks!

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Isn't Brave browser a QT app?

You can switch between "Classic" (I suppose QT) and GTK+ themes. But both of them show the same weird icons. I don't know if that is what you meant?

Looking at the screenshot, it almost looks like some icons are overlaid on top of themselves.

EDIT: I downloaded a copy of the screenshot and zoomed in. These are not the Zorin OS Icons shown in the image. For example, the videos folder is reversed. Very few of them show a matching appearance.
They also do not match Adwaita or Gnome, or the icons in hicolor.

Are any other apps showing these icons?

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Great, now I am feeling stupid, thinking it was a Zorin issue :see_no_evil:

So, apparently the weird icons only appear in Brave. I must have downloaded so many files and seeing that window all the time, that I thought it was in more places than just this :laughing:

Thanks for pointing it out! Will have a look at how to fix it in Brave then...

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Not at all - I had to zoom in, then open all the symbolic icons that come with Zorin and do a side-by-side comparison.
Was Brave a Snap package?

Yes, in the App Store the only source available was from the Snap Store. I will check out, if I can find the package somewhere else.

Oh well, turns out that Snap is sh*t...

I installed Brave directly via apt get and everything looks nice again. Thanks for poiting it out, @Aravisian :slightly_smiling_face:

I was just following the anti-snap-thread and will also try to get rid of it now.

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