[Meta] Feedback on the Forum's header section

The Zorin forums have this header at the top of the page. On the startpage and when at the top of a thread it says "Zorin Forum", but viewing a post and scrolling down it changes to just the Zorin logo.

When clicking "Zorin Forum", you get to forum.zorin.com, but when hitting the Zorin Logo, you get to zorin.com UNLESS you are currently scrolling down in a thread, then you also go to forum.zorin.com. This is confusing, and I think adding "Forum" next to the Zorin Logo when scrolling would at least clear up what the link is gonna lead to.

Yes, I know browsers show the destination at the bottom of the screen, but this doesn't work on mobile browsers and not everyone knows that.

A Video showing off the issue is here (embedded from catbox.moe, because uploading videos isn't allowed...):

The Video in question...
(I cannot embed it, either... :melting_face:)

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