[Meta] Update the forum to support Passkeys for Login

We all hate having to remember passwords, and whilst password managers are a neat tool, there is a more secure alternative nowadays: Passkeys.

Passkeys are already supported by Discourse, the software that the Zorin Forums run on, it only needs to be up-to-date, and then enabled on Zorin's end (@zorink @AZorin)

I and many more would highly appreciate this as a secure, passwordless login option alongside E-Mail Magic Links.


A screenshot of the settings showing an "add passkey" button. Text: "Passkeys: Passkeys are password replacements that validate your identity biometrically (e.g touch, faceID) or via a device PIN/Password."

We got it!
Not sure when exactly this change came through, but Passkeys are now available as a login option.

Now that has been added to the Zorin Forum login page, it has messed that page up so I now have to use scroll bar to get to the login button, wheras all on one screen before. Just saying.

Interesting, I don't get that here on Firefox.

In playing spot the differences, I notice that @zabadabadoo's screenshot includes an extra line below the username entry field: "Skip the password; email me a login link"

This drops an additional line down, extending the widget window height.

The blue links show when you've typed something on their respective fields already... if you look closely that "username" has some characters partially erased so that would suggest that is the case here :male_detective:

This is where a password manager would make all the difference since it would just type it all out regardless of the styling.

Correct, good eyesight!. I erased username and password. I just wanted to highlight that the [log in] button has unfortunately moved due to modification to add "Login with a passkey"

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Just tried with Firefox and Brave and neither have that effect on my side, really strange...

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