Mic of my camera usb works in windows but not working with zorin

i'm new to zorin lite 16 i'm coming from windows10, i have camera usb device , the camera is working but its mic not working.
in windows the camera and it's mic is working very well

Which version and release of Zorin OS are you using?

I use zorin lite 16

When you open Cheese from the app menu, what devices does it recognize?

i didn't have problem with camera,so my camera work good with cheese , but the problem is the camera's mic

On mine, I am able to test the Mic on Cheese.
You can also try using pavucontrol

sudo apt install pavucontrol

Launch from alt+f2 with pavucontrol

pavucontrol is already the newest version.

from menu i can get the setting of sound and mic, the mic is recognized , but not working, and it's working on windows

i get the problem , the problem was I, i have headset with mic.
and i have webcam with mic, to make the mic of webcam work, i must unplug headset's mic and headset's sound together.
the problem was that i want mic of cam work together with sound of headset's, and that incorrect at all, now my cam's mic work good without plug headset's mic and sound

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