Micro$oft 🤑 Windows 💸

Proudly, I've never login to my online MS account for all those years :nerd_face:


Slight correction needed friend! I think you meant BSoDs! BSDs are the most stable and secure OSs on the planet. :wink:

Not so ... the majority of people using Win don't pay attention to those choices and they never read the whole agreement (myself included) as to what they are giving up or just don't care .... especially people who just use their computer for social reasons much like people use their cell phones today ....

The majority of people I feel are just excepting the BS that MS tells them and sadly believe it ... I have personally seen fist-fights almost break out on other boards from the "M$ isn't stealing my info" die-hards and the "MS has the ability to take your info and sell it" crowd ....

I learned after win7 how to keep M$ from automatically install updates .... especially when one download was found to contain the means for M$ to automatically insure that all M$ downloads were downloaded on you computer (during win7's time) you could refuse a download ....

When people started deleting that particular update M$ got mad and merely moved it over to their security downloads the ones that people could not remove .... problem solved .... M$ 1000 people 0 ...

After that I could no longer trust M$ so I started looking for something else .... but as I said I found away to beat the auto downloads so I didn't care ... but this garbage going on with w 11 ... that was the straw that broke the camels back ..... bye bye M$

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Bye bye, rotten Micro$oft pie, we took the Budgie to the LXLE, and that aint no lie, Micro$oft we truly hope that you die, you rotten apple pie.

Strangely, this is how I perceive Gnome.
I have no quarrel with the fact that many people like the layout of Gnome.To me, this makes sense.
However, this does not mean that liking aspects of Gnome means that excuses should be made for Gnome or that the things Gnome is doing that opposes FOSS should be allowed to be swept under the rug.

Those that use Gnome may just as easily speak up against the things Gnome does wrong. But they generally do not because they do not care. I prefer and use XFCE and / or Cinnamon. Yet, when the XFCE devs went all kinds of wrong I confronted it. Loudly. I yielded not one inch.
The general response from either Microsoft or Gnome users is exactly the same.
They don't care. They don't care if Gnome leads Linux away from FOSS. They don't care if Other Desktop users are deeply affected.
Which is yet another similarity between Gnome and Microsoft - as both are equally willing to exploit that apathy.


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I don't read it too. For me its useless. Hahahaha. I mean, usually, they saying those stuffs but they are not doing what they are saying so.

Just in Windows I already start modifying. Even with updates though I notice that when a lot of people doing the same thing and it reached Windows, they will either change the name or change their method to implement it.


Oh no .... say it isn't so .... you mean tito M$ would do something like that ... LOL ... of coarse they would and the average person will never know .... but hey Win 10 was free wasn't it so they can't complain .... an old saying .... "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" .....LOL


I am still keeping up the updates of the latest Windows 11 on the completely unsupported legacy BIOS only system.

I am not using it for any productive purpose but taking a challenge how long I can sabotage the Win11's hardware check :sunglasses:


This video when GNU/Linux turned 30 years of age sums things up nicely both in respect of Microsoft Windows and Apple.


Also I prefer Free Software as opposed to FOSS as the latter does not take into consideration of ethics as espoused by Stallman. While he has fallen from grace in a personal capacity in his view towards women and the Epstein affair, you could say he has been hoisted by his own petard, he did make valid points on ethical use of software. Let's take Amazon as an example, one of many companies that does not treat its employees well. If they decided to move from whatever corporate software to GNU/Linux some people might be pleased to read it while others like myself would see it as a travesty, using software designed to engender freedom in its broadest sense being used to enslave its employees.

I remember president Obama sayed the U.S.A want control a internet. That why maybe some many restrictions on websides, software to control your life and collect metadane database example skype.
If you not using Kodachi or any linux distribution then you selling your privaty and you are a slave a corporations?


They should ask China about how they do things like that. China already controlling their internet.


I would suspect the only people they would receive complaints from would be those who sign up to the Insider programme. I can't see any advantage using Windows apart from gaming and better priced, better constructed graphics software than Adobe. Touring Universities with my youngest a few years back a 3rd year student told us she could no longer afford the rental of Adobe products, over £1,000 for the year. Compare that with Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher and currently 30% off so only £32.99 one off payment, no rental.

A design company ditched Adobe bloatware for the full set of Affinity products because amongst other things their workflow was so much better.

We had access to Adobe products in the service where I worked but I much preferred JASC Paint Shop Pro that Corel acquired and ruined it. The last iteration that was good was Paint Shop Pro 9 which Corel used to offer if you didn't like current offerings, but not any more. But you can get it for free from https://archive.org in their old software archive and run it using Wine in Linux. During lockdown using GNU/Linux I principally used GIMP and Inkscape.

I used to use it on my Hackintosh.
It was more than adequate for everything I needed :slight_smile:

They do not appear to be available for Linux (Though they are on Mac...)

Initially it was Mac only then they made Windows version.
I suppose I could run it under crossover-mac (I have a license) but at the moment I am happy with Krita and occasional Gimp.

I did post elsewhere that it is not available for Linux and won't work on Wine as it can only work with 32-bit software not 64-bit.
They have no intention (sadly) of porting to Linux yet I am sure they could easily make an App Image?

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China internet isn't to fast - really.

I have installed Zorin OS because it's almost the same as Windows 10. The reason I stopped using Windows 10 is because Windows 11 doesn't support......my processor. That's really the only reason. Really my laptop is only 1.5 years old. Windows 10 runs like a charm but somehow you can't use Windows 11. Zorin OS runs perfectly and can use all the apps those I also installed on Windows.

I also have a 7/8 years old desktop pc with Windows 10 but I will replace that one with a new one in a few years with Windows 11. I still do a lot with Windows so I'm using both. :innocent:


Hi and welcome to the forum. You have joined the ranks of Win10>Win11 refugees coming to Linux and ZorinOS. Good to see you have indicated in your forun profile which flavour (Core) of ZorinOS you have, as that will aid us help you in the future.
There is no reason why a 7/8 year old desktop can't be kept going by installing ZorinOS on it. Some users are running on much older hardware which would otherwise be regarded as tech scrap.