Microphone on JBL TUNE125BT bluetooth earbuds don't work properly on ZorinOS, please help

Basically what the title says. The last two days i was chatting with a few friends on discord and realized the microphone of my earphones weren't working properly and the only time they would work was if i switched the input settings which would totally mess up my audio.

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Can you explain what didn't work properly? Maybe give some more system info.

Give Basic System Info:
$sudo apt-get install Inxi ←(Installs Inxi)
$inxi ←(Tells Inxi to give basic system info)

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Unfortunately i'm new to linux distros so i don't know much about rooting my system and whatnot. What isn't working properly on my bluetooth earbuds is the microphone which doesn't get automatically recognized by the system, it only works if i change the input settings, but as i said, changing those input settings messes up my audio and it everything that comes out of the earbuds is just super muffled audio.

first picture is the default settings, mic doesn't work at all.

second picture is if i change the configuration settings and choose Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP) and the quality of my output audio goes to trash until i choose the default settings again.

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You should have said sooner, I think Pulse Audio should fix the issue.

To install Pulse Audio:
$ sudo apt-get install pavucontrol ←(Installs Pulse Audio)

To remove Pulse Audio:
$ sudo apt-get remove pavucontrol ←(Removes Pulse Audio)


Use the Gnome Software Centre that comes preinstalled with Zorin Os.

Try changing around the settings in Pulse Audio until it works, if you have question regarding this topic ask here. :grin:

Don't worry, you will get use to in about two weeks.

I think I need to clarify for all:

Pulse Audio Comes with Zorin OS.
Pavucontrol is a GUI configuration tool for PulseAudio.

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Hey, i almost forgot i had posted on this forum. Thanks for helping, but unfortunately everything i tried on pulse audio didn't work. :pensive:

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Now I understand why we see OP only once sometimes :roll_eyes:


Yes, the older I get, the more I forget. Sometimes I wake up, is it Monday? No its Sunday. Screw shaving then! Walks into kitchen, feeds my cat. Use the bathroom, come back out, cat meow's, I proceed to feed him, completely forgetting I already had. This cat is smart, he knows I can't remember nothing, he was banking on that. And like a good invester, he won extra treats.

One of these days I am going to wake up, and not even remember my own name. :roll_eyes:


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