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A quick question, and I've been looking at solutions and I can't really find any that seems to deal with my issue. Whenever I boot into the OS (17 pro), my microphone volume levels (blue yeti (usb)) seems to be a random level of anywhere between 40% and 100% (usually something like 75-80%).

I was wondering if someone has dealt with this or possible has a fix for it? It's also possible (but more rare) that even during the day using the computer my microphone will change levels while in use. This has happened during discord calls with people, as well as with streaming. However, this case is much more rare.

I have been distro hopping for a bit due to new hardware and this issue seems to only crop up on Gnome based distros, or at least, that's as far as I can tell. KDE and any other desktop environment doesn't seem to cause this issue.

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Have you seen this item:

Don't know if anything there could help you.

EDIT: Also

At least open alsamixer in terminal and have a poke around the sound channel settings there, particularly mic channels. Unmute any channel by selecting then hitting "M" and use up arrow to increase volume level.

Yeah I've seen those articles and none of the fixes seem to do anything.
It's just extremely odd behaviour and seems to only be recent gnome based releases. Older gnome versions didn't cause this random volume changing.

Thanks for trying, though.

Have you run alsamixer from terminal and had a poke around with sound channels there?

It may be worth experimenting, sometimes you can hit on a solution by changing channel settings that defies normal logic.

Well I'm not sure what changed , but it seems to have stopped. I can't get the issue to crop up anymore.

It's possible that when I went through alsamixer again (even though I had before) it made it stick to the changes or something.

Either way, ill mark your option as the solution because that's the only thing I can think of currently.

Thanks for the advice!

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