Microsoft now blocking Windows 11 customisation

Was watching a youtube video from Britec09 where he was saying Microsoft was now blocking customisation apps and you get the black screen of death if you have them installed. Meanwhile over here in linux the only thing stopping you customising is your imagination and skill set. I realise people are forced to use windows for work etc but you should be able to do what you want with your own computer. Amazon seem to be following the same path with their fire os.

other source to back up that claim? It's always good to get such info from different sources, better yet from horses mouth.

There are a few articles out there that say they 'may' block things, here is a recent one:


As an aside: I connected my older PC (i7-920 from 2009) and am testing my old games and other software on it.

Having better success than I thought using Zorin 17.1 Pro (vs. a gaming oriented distro, such as Nobara).

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I my self prefer barebone distros with close to zero apps and stuff, where you have to add it by yourself. I'm gaming a lot on my Solus OS (Budgie Edition).

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I hear you - given the age of the PC, I should have started with Zorin Lite instead.

GNOME, surprisingly, runs well on the i7-920. But XFCE or Budgie would definitely be more efficient (and better suited for the hardware).

For those wondering - walked into a FutureShop in 2009 and saw a computer that was tagged hundreds of dollars less than it should have been. I joked with the salesman that he had to honour the posted price...and he did! :+1:


I've changed the title of this thread as it could easily be misread as Zorin preventing customisation of Windows 11! Perhaps indicative that their employees voted to give $10,000 to the Gnome Project (who also don't like users' freedoms!)

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