Microsoft Surface 2 Keyboard

So I’m trying to put Linux on my laptop. I tried Linux Mint first and my keyboard quit working. I was able to use an on-screen keyboard to set it up and tried to install the jakeday kernel to get my keyboard to work. It did not fix my keyboard so I thought I would switch to a different distro that I saw people had installed on this laptop. That led me to Zorin, however, while trying to install it I HAVE NO KEYBOARD. There isn’t a way to open an on-screen keyboard so I can’t get past who are you on the install to even try to mess with settings or kernels.

WHAT CAN I DO? (first word replaced by moderator - usage of abbreviation of profanity)

Panorpian, could you please check in the BIOS of your notebook under peripherals (I think) if you have “IOMMU Controller”? If so, check that it is enabled.

The BIOS on Microsoft laptops are very minimal, with no advanced options. I don’t have the option to change that the only useful thing in the BIOS was the boot order. So far everyone is referring me to the jakeday kernel but it didn’t work.

Also now that I’m stuck on the installation of Zorin and can’t get it installed without my keyboard, I can’t get to my BIOS anymore without switching my os to something else to get to BIOS and then trying to switch back to Zorin

Well, the jakeday kernel patch needs to be installed after the OS is installed. We need to get you through the installation process, first.
I do not know if you have seen this, but here is a Step by Step guide I just found on a search that looks very comprehensive and thorough.

I realize you have been wrung through the ringer already, but a fresh start may just help.
I do not know if the preparations it outlines will prevent the keyboard problem, yet.