Microsoft wifi direct adapter and Zorin

I used to connect my laptop using Windows and a Microsoft Wifi-Direct adapter.
That means that I can duplicate my laptopscreen directly to the TV using a wifi-direct adapter connected to the HDMI-port on my TV.
In Zorin I am not able to find this possibility. Do I overlook something or doesn't Zorin support this possibility?


  1. Check Zorin menu > Settings > Sharing for a "Media Sharing" option.

  2. Will Rygel Media Server do what you need?

sudo apt install rygel

Be sure to open the ports in the firewall (gufw) that Rygel uses.

  1. Universal Media Server | Downloads

  1. ReadyMedia / minidlna
    ReadyMedia - ArchWiki

sudo apt install minidlna

I don't think so.
The TV is not connected to a wifi or cabled network.

That is why I use a wifi-direct adapter:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1JZY65KH8GWOF&keywords=microsoft+wifi+adapter&qid=1681306550&sprefix=microsoft+wifi+adapter%2Caps%2C100&sr=8-40&language=en_GB

Ah, so it's MiraCast.

Try this:

Hi Mr_Magoo,

I gave a try.
After installing the software indeed found my MSDisplayAdapter_59.
But, unfortunately it keeps on trying to connect.
In that stage the welcome screen of the Microsoft adapter changes and is also trying to connect. But the two did not connect.
And the patch you mentioned, I don't know about that.
How should that be implemented?


You might have to find the ports the program uses, and open those ports in gufw (gnome-firewall).

Or, you can whitelist the program, so the firewall lets packets to/from that program through.

Thanks, I will try that.
I read in fora that Pipewire should be installed also.

Hi Mr_Magoo,

Adjusted the firewall and my laptop is mirroring its screen to my TV.
Thanks a lot!


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