Microsoft Windows 11 vs Zorin OS

I don't know if I am confused. :zipper_mouth_face: :thinking: Microsoft just copied the different taskbar layouts and modes that you can use in Zorin OS. :rofl:They just copied the design from Zorin OS

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I have been test driving Windows 11 (installed on circa 2014 unsupported BIOS only PC). But I did not even think about the similarity of the taskbar between Zorin and Windows 11 till you pointed out!
It is indeed sooo funny :rofl:

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Yes, I have noticed these details, even on YouTube there are many videos talking about it, that what they have done is a redesign, with KDE neon, Linux etc. If program developers will also create their programs for Linux. Windows was not so popular anymore. :rofl: :innocent:

I'm lost.

As I understand it, Windows 11 GUI and the Windows 10X GUI were designed as offshoots of a common design project. Why do you think that Microsoft copied the design from Zorin?

Zorin's blog introducing Zorin 16 suggests just the opposite:

I am no fan of the Windows 11 GUI, as I noted in another thread, but I'd like to understand what design elements you think were copied from Zorin.


It seems to me that nowadays it is very difficult for originality to exist. Everyone copies each other.
In relation to Microsoft, the least it has is originality. There are several examples of this, starting with Windows (whose idea came from a Xerox project). Also many of the programs it uses have not been created by this company but bought from others (MsDos, Word, Excel...).
It can be said that Bill Gates is not a computer genius, but a business genius.

Makes you wonder about the ancient Romans. "Those guys copied our columns."

Where is the line drawn between originality and inspiration and copying? I think there are clear examples, but not clear definitions.
The current trend in Appearance is flat, drab and very featureless. The difference between many modern themes is only the colors, nothing else. It becomes exceptionally difficult to avoid the accusation of copying at that point. There are so few details that differentiate them.
What is the difference between thinking an appearance looks "outdated" and being a follower? Appearance is a matter of personal preference and aesthetics and has always been timeless.
We do not discard classical music just because it is old.
Retro looking cars (Mustang, Challenger, Charger) are popular for this very reason. What looks good just plain looks good. Victorian houses are still beautiful.
So is the Earth, come to think of it. And it is 4.5 billion years outdated.

Originality exists in how it makes you feel. Whether it is a pleasure to behold. It may be inspired by someone else's work or it may be something you think you invented, but didn't.
I think it is amazing that we can inspire and be inspired. That we can express individuality and even not care if others like that look or not.

Zorin OS aims to provide familiarity, so it makes sense that Zorin Appearance would resemble Windows. But could it be Windows was inspired by Zorin OS? I'd get a kick out of it.

Hi @joelventura

I just noticed that you created this thread under Hardware Support. I took the liberty of changing it to Chat about Zorin which seemed more apt for this subject. If you think otherwise, please let me know.


When originality was mentioned, I remembered an anecdote, fictional or not, in which Steve Jobs rebukes Bill Gates for having copied Mac Os. He even calls him a thief.
Here it seems to me that, rather than talking about originality, it is more important that an operating system looks and works well, and Zorin fully achieves this. There are distributions that are very good but their appearance has not changed much over time. If we are talking about a distribution, like Zorin Os, whose main objective is to serve as a "bridge" between Windows and Gnu Linux, the beauty of the environment is important, since this aspect, for those who come from Windows, is important.


It would certainly be an interesting design process -- Microsoft creating a Windows GUI, then Zorin creating a GUI that resembles Windows, and then Microsoft being inspired by Zorin's Windows-resembling design to create a Win11/WinX GUI that resembles the Windows GUI even more. A dog chasing its own tail.

Zorin mimics the design of other systems (Windows, MacOS, various Linux) because Zorin is intended to be a distro that facilitates transition from those operating systems:

I wonder, now that Windows 10X had been sidetracked, whether Zorin will drop the "Windows 10X-like desktop layout" and develop a desktop that mimics Windows 11 instead.

I don't want to dismiss joelventura's "copied from Zorin" OP until he has responded in depth, but I think it very unlikely that Microsoft's "Sun Valley" design for Windows 10X and Windows 11 -- a project begun about 18 months ago as I understand it -- was inspired by Zorin's designs. I've seen a lot of Windows 11 reviews commenting on design similarities between Windows 11 and MacOS -- but Zorin? Not likely.


I agree with this 100%. Zorin's similarity to Windows is an important reason why I'm evaluating Zorin 16 for a specific use case at a railroad museum. I want Windows users to be able to walk up to any of the three computers deployed in that use case and instinctively know what to do to get to work in the database.

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I think it is a phenomenon called "imprint" :duck:

MS cancelled Win 10X development and the general public did not see its design till its recent reincarnation as Win11.

Meanwhile, Zorin users already exposed to Windows 10X-like design thanks to the forward-looking Zorin developers.

While it is chronologically incorrect, I can understand the reaction of Zorin users including myself :wink:

Exactly what large companies do, we can see on cell phones. :innocent: :grin:

Wait what :flushed: How have you been able to? My impression is that in 2014 MS was still working on Win10 as that was relatively new.

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I modified the installer and edited registry during installation and made it possible to install unsupported hardware.

Some screenshots of Win 11 running on those old laptops:

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Yeah but did you do this in 2014? Or did you mean now?

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Ah,now I got your question.
I did not time-warped a la Philip K.D. style :wink:
What I meant was that the laptop was from around 2014 on which I installed Win11 last month.

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Aha, now I get you. I was starting to suspect if you have a time machine at your home :smiley: or do you? :eyes:

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I wish I had.
My husband I are big fan of Philip K. D i c k. (unfortunately I cannot spell his full name properly due to the "forbidden word filter" on this forum.)

But perhaps for a lot of people on this forum, I might look like someone warped from a long time ago. I know punch cards and 8 inch floppies :wink:


It is improbable that a person that has begun ignoring her own birthdays would have a time machine. :wink:


That's exactly what someone with a time machine would say! Can't fool me! :sunglasses:

Oh god, everything is starting to make sense now!

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