Might be time for a thread for folks with computers that are 3 years old or newer

So many of the posts, lately, are folks with hardware that is not working due to the 3 year old Kernel in the Live version of Zorin.

Yes yes, I know...I get it. LTS, etc.

But LTS doesn't stop the extra posts and issues that are caused by newer hardware.

Maybe a pinned topic is needed for those folks so they can find out how to install Zorin with the latest kernel. otherwise, we will continue to get "My Wifi 6e card isnt working" and "My Intel XE graphics don't work" ad nauseam.


I think that this is a valid point. And being LTS does not guarantee the latest drivers that may be needed on the latest hardware.
This is not really new. Many of us have been helping users install later kernels than the one that is current on Zorin OS since we first joined. It's just a part of being a Linux user.
A pinned topic may be helpful for users.

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You have the ability Turtle, change the category. Flex that level muscle :grin:

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Why not have something like Manjaro has, that let´s you use the kernel you want?
I use LTS but I use Zorin Lite and Manjaro XFCE on dualboot on Toshiba laptop from 2007 with 80GB HDD that came with Win Vista.

On my "newest" laptops from 2014/2017 I use Win 10 still on SSD. Thinking about making the jump to Linux on on all 4 of them.

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Regular members are the level necessary to modify thread title and category (why you see a pencil by the title in every thread you visit). There are a few other things you can do as well, you should read over the level promotion message and badge... they will give you the gist of it.

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I think it would be really helpful to have a built-in "Help" or "Manual" program installed, similar to how other distributions do it e.g, MX Linux, that can walk through how to fix these type of common issues. Things like updating the kernel can be very intimidating, even if you've been using Linux for a while... :eyes:

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Don't feel bad I've been on here more than a year and din't know that ..... :thinking: :grinning:

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