Mimicking Ubuntu's taskbar click action

Is such a customization available for the pro edition?

Can you please be more specific and describe what you are referring to in detail?

From what I can tell there isn't any option that mimics Ubuntu's way of handling the taskbar's click action. Ubuntu has it so when you single-click the icon it will always pick the last active window for that icon. Double-clicking would display the multiple previews if there is more than one instance open. Ubuntu's way of handling the taskbar's click action is the most convenient and most intuitive out of all that I've come across.

I'm wondering if there is a taskbar click action option for Zorin Pro that mimics Ubuntu.

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Something like this options?

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I don't have the same options that you have, but if I were to guess, it's more along the lines of Raise Window on first-click, and Show Window Previews on second-click if there are multiple instances of the same app. (Ubuntu doesn't do minimize on any click.)

It's because it's part of Unity layout of Zorin 16 Pro.

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