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I have followed just about every walk thru to install java minecraft server on Ubuntu 21.04, My wife walked by, said "don't you have that on windows" Yes I do! that's not the point!
I need help getting java server running. First: I believe I've installed every type java there is. How can I uninstall java,opn java, start over with java. Minecraft 1.17.+ requires newer verison of java. Found this out after many servers would not run.
Latest error message

All this is related to my not getting a controller to run in zorin 16 using minecraft bedrock launcher. I don't believe zorin is the problem!
I have a bedrock server running, had java server years ago.
Thanks for any help

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It have been some years ago I ran Minecraft, but back then you have to install Oracle Java to get it Minecraft running. I don't know if that apply today.

Thanks, I believe I have that one covered, At last count I have 8 version's installed.

@Aravisian can this be a firewall issue ? Just thinking out loud.

Possibly- easy enough to check. Open GUFW and first - see if it is even on.
If so, check the Logs and reports tabs.

Thanks, I got it! Java 16 headless does not exist!! Moved up to 17, that did it. When the best you can do is copy and paste, it takes a while!


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