Minecraft not launching

Recently I have installed TLauncher for playing Minecraft. I selected version 16.5. But when I'm trying to run the game it's showing an error that "Minecraft has not started because of an unknown error. A popular solution for the problem
*Try to reinstall another version of Java, after Java 8 update 45
*Try to update the video card drivers."

How can I fix that? I'm sure there is a way. In YouTube there are many videos but they all are of Windows 10. They are actually reinstalling Java in there video. Does anyone know anything?

May help?

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Just carefully follow this step :point_up_2:

If you are downloading latest version of Minecraft java 17 is needed


This may be the problem: first try this command: sudo update-java-alternatives --list
See that you have the required Java 17 installed
next use this command: sudo update-alternatives --config java
Insure Java 17 is selected

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for your kind reply. Currently I'm having a 32bit operating system so I can't install Java 17. :slightly_smiling_face:. What else can I do? BTW I have installed Minecraft 16.5 version. I have both Java 8 and 11 in my system.

Java 8 is need for 1.16.5 so u should install Java 8

take a look at this link: How to Install Minecraft on Linux?

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