"minimize all windows" button on the "Taskbar"

Tell me how to install the "minimize all windows" button on the "Taskbar" in Zorin OS: analogous to Linux Mint or Windows, and the "Super+D" combination.

I feel like you are asking about the desktop button. To enable the desktop button in the taskbar, right-click on the taskbar and then click on taskbar settings > Position. Scroll down and then on desktop button press on the visible button. Now you should be able to see the desktop button on your taskbar. You can also change the position of this button from there.

Also, I am re-categorizing this post from Tutorials & Guides to General Help because it was more about asking a question than providing a guide or a tutorial.


Thanks! How simple it is))

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Well, I also have this enabled and am using it, but I thought the OP was asking about (on Gnome that is) - Settings - Keyboard Shortcuts. There is an option to assign the CTRL + D to the keys for minimizing all windows at once.

Didn't even cross my mind to use the taskbar settings, thanks Jeslin.


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