Mint extensions?

Hey guys

Im play with mint on my second laptop, i did not find extensions like gnome for mint (cinnamon), dont understand why?

Is there a huge difference between cinnamon and gnome to not find?

Still on zorin on my main laptop

You can find Cinnamon Extensions here:

Cinnamon and Gnome are Different Desktop Environments and they have more differences than I can cover in one post... But we can go into detail over time.

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Thanks Aravisian, i find that website, but a few extensions and some without interesset.

I read that if i use Mint Mate Will bem able to install gnome extensions, am i right?

No. Mate D.E. does not use Gnome Extensions, either.
The reason behind this is pretty direct:
Gnome D.E. has systematically removed Desktop Functions and Features. Independent developers began developing Gnome Extensions to restore what Gnome Removed. Gnome does not support the extensions and complains about their existence, calling them Hacks.

Mate and Cinnamon lack these extensions because they are unnecessary. Mate and Cinnamon retain the features that Gnome removed.

However, because gnome extensions now exist; some independent developers have created new extensions that offer features that have never existed in Gnome (Or Mate or Cinnamon.)
I predict that it will not be much longer before Gnome blocks Gnome Extensions - so enjoy them while you can.

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Thanks for explanation.

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