Mirror Phone to Laptop

I am trying to cast/mirror the screen on my android phone to my laptop running Zorin. I can do it in Windows.

Does anyone know how to do it in Zorin?


You might try using scrcpy. You must first enable ADB debugging on your phone. If you do not, launching scrcpy will only error out. Tether with USB.
Then follow the guide here:

Thanks for the reply.

I am not familiar with ADB debugging. What is it and how do you do it on an Android?

You will need to search the web for a guide based on yuour android version (must be 5.0 or higher) and your Make and Model.
For example, I use a Samsung Galaxy phone, so I would specify that in my search.

scrcpy is probably what you wanna use.
It's pretty much set and forget.

Get a copy of it on your PC, enable USB Debugging on your phone, connect Wired or Wireless with ADB, and run scrcpy. It sets up everything automatically.

I have used vysor in the past to do just this. To get the best quality images though, you do need the paid-for pro license. Like scrcpy though, you do need to enable USB debugging.

and (iirc) you have to run it as a Chrome Extension :upside_down_face:

scrcpy is pretty much just the better option:

  • Works fast, especially over USB
  • Supports Audio Out-of-the-box
  • Disabling the phone's screen whilst continuing to mirror
  • Mirror as a virtual camera (linux-only)
  • Mirroring/Accessing the Phone's camera
  • Keyboard and Mouse Emulation
  • etc...

And all of that bundled in Free and Open-Source Software :)

Vysor have a Linux client - no need to use a chrome extension. Choice is good for everyone and I just provided another option that works.