Missing context menu options for LibreOffice apps on taskbar

Just switched to Linux from Windows. In Windows, I used to be able to right-click on any LibreOffice app icon on the taskbar (Calc, for instance), and the context menu would show me the last several files I was working on. It was very convenient for re-opening files that were in-work.

According to the Libre folks, this is a Windows taskbar function, not an inherent LibreOffice function.

I don’t seem to have this same functionality for L.O. icons on the Linux taskbar. Is there a setting I can change somewhere to get that context-menu file history back? Does Zorin support this feature for L.O. apps launched from the taskbar?


That is a good suggestion. It sounds like a useful feature.

I just tested this in Zorin OS 16 Core, by using LibreOffice and by Pinning LibreOffice to the Taskbar (Panel).
But I rarely use LibreOffice - @Storm or others may be able to provide an answer.

If not, I have set this in Feedback Category in order to promote the suggestion.

That feature is available for two of the layouts in Zorin OS Pro which uses Zorin Dash. The one that imitates Unity and the other one that imitates Mac.

Thanks Storm. Zorin - please enable this feature for the default layout. This would be helpful for people transitioning from Windows.

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