Missing Icons & Buttons in System Tray

I'm using Zorin OS 17.1 on a Lenovo P15 gen 1.

I've noticed some icons are missing in and around the system tray area. When I first inserted my usb drive a little eject icon came up there. Now it doesn't and I no longer know how I can "Safely Remove Hardware" without it.

When clicking on the power / wifi / sound tool bar in the right corner tray, there used to be a "Power" button for power management. That has now gone too.

Would be great to get this stuff back if anyone knows how?

Strange, I don't have that issue:

Was this an upgrade from Zorin 17 to 17.1?

I think I installed 17.1 directly. don't believe it is an upgrade.

Just a guess, but if you go to Settings -> Power, and disable "Show Battery Percentage" does it make any difference? Maybe the tray menu is constrained to a specific width and it truncates other icons.

Open Nautilus and see to the left Side. Make there a right Click on Your USB Device and choose the Optioen to remove it.

For the Icons in common: I see that you are runnig X11. Did You test if it is on Wayland too?

nope...made no difference turning off "Show battery percentage"

Im sorry, I'm brand new to linux. What is Wayland and how do I perform that test?

From login screen look for Gearwheel icon bottom right. Click that and should have choice of Wayland or X11.

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No Problem, we all started sometime. When you are on the Login Screen You have Your Accout/Profile Picture. Click on it and You see the Password Field. When the Password Field appears You should see in the bottom right Corner a Gear Symbol. The You can change. Because You are on X11 it should stand on Zorin Desktop on Xorg. The other Option Zorin Desktop is Wayland.

Wayland and X11 (or Xorg) are Window Managers. X11 is the older One and Wayland is the newer One. On Wayland could it come to Compatibility Problems that You don't have on X11. But I would try if it works better on Wayland. If not it could be a more common Problem.

So on my login screen there is "Desktop" and "Desktop Wayland" It looks like I'm using "Desktop"

but I just reinstalled the OS and it resolved all these issues. The icons and buttons are back....so great, but no help to us if it happens in the future!


You are on Zorin 17? Or 16?

zorin 17.1 which is what I was on before...

Hmm, theoretically You should have the Choice between Zorin Desktop and Zorin Desktop on Xorg

The Desktop Wayland Option was on Zorin 16 if I remeber right. But ok; when Your System now works. That is what matters.

Nope, Desktop and Desktop Wayland. Its working though so I'm happy.

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I believe that even if Wayland is default for the OS, if there is a hardware reason that Wayland may fault, it will default to Xorg and list the Wayland option as secondary.
I would need to follow up on this to find documented support however - just a jog on my memory, this is.

And when You happy all is good.