Missing tray icon for IPFS-desktop

I'm running Zorin OS 16.3 Lite.

I installed IPFS-desktop from the Software repository. The app runs fine. But, down in the system tray the icon for the app does not appear. On my Windows machine, the icon in the system tray is a blue, 3d-looking cube. On Zorin OS I can click the empty space and the menu pops up. So, it is working. I just don't see any icon for the app. I am using dark mode for my panel appearance. But, I've tried switching to lite mode too and nothing changed. Still no icon.

Attached is a screenshot of what I'm seeing. Does anyone know how to fix this?

the problem is in the snap version, try to use the .deb version , don't install it from software store.

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Thanks. I'll try that.

Just an update: I installed the .deb and the icon appears fine now.

Thanks again.