Missing Zorin OS + Z16.3 or Z17 for stability

Guys, it's been more than a month since the Z17 issue happened. Missing Zorin OS already.

After my exam, I'll look more into the issue and try to fix it. My fellow helper @zenzen has given a solution, which I'll also attempt to try. Hope it'll be fixed...

Also, I saw @Aravisian still using Z16.3 even after Z17 launch. Can you suggest which one should be more stable. I think Z16.3, due to it being around for more time and as Z17 is still new.

I think he uses Xfce and Zorin's Xfce 17 version has not been released yet.

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You could wait until the Release of Zorin 17.1 Core. I use Zorin 17 Core and don't have greater Problems. But I did a fresh Install and didn't use the Upgrader. You can use 16.3 further. It gets still Updates. And when Your System runs with it without Problems ... It's okay.

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When Zorin OS 15 and Zorin OS 16 were released, I was among the beta and alpha testers and they were both so stable, that I ended up remaining on the upgraded beta for long after the release.

Zorin OS 17 brought a lot of changes due to Gnome 43 and Wayland.
Now, my opinions about Gnome are very well known. Yet, Zorin OS 15 and 16 both made Gnome very usable to me, which is quite the accomplishment.
Zorin OS 17 has less features than 16 does. Again, this is due to Gnome changes and extensions availability; but as the End User, I see what I see in front of me.
I find it stable but does not fit with my needs for workflow, accessibility and user management.

I prefer and use Zorin OS Lite.
I am curious to see what Zorin OS 17 Lite offers.

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Me three. :smiley:

If for whatever reason you can't use Z17, or does work out for you, you can safely use Z16 until April, 2025. After that it will stop receiving updates but until then it's still a valid option despite having a newer version around. Personally I'm not planning on updating yet since I have no need for it.