@Aravisian posted a topic where he was thanking members.
But, there is a group of people who don't get mentioned enough... The Moderators. They are who we should really thank...
So, @Storm , @seanhinkley, @337harvey , and this year's entry @Ocka ...
(I think I didn't forget any of the "active" moderators.)
You are the best. Everyone of you is wonderful when doing one thing, but you all show passion. Whether it is making a wholesome theme, answering to complex problems, moderating hot topics, everything. You mods are well-chosen.
But there is one missing. @Aravisian .
His badge is not Community Moderator, it is Community LEADER.
I have to thank you, Aravisian. When I came to this forum you were the first helping hand. And definitely the one person who taught me most lessons. I'll have to repay you in some sort.
(Even if I don't post that much, I am here, and here's the proof.)


@jgordon has been kept very busy with work and life events but deserves credit in spite of not being around so much these days.

@albano_battistella is not an "active" Forum Moderator but has earned the title with distinction for his helpful contributions to ZorinGroup as an "Honored Member".

I also must point out that the ZorinGroup are titled Moderators, too. While they are often quite silent, they do perform moderation including splicing posts and threads, removing inappropriate content and managing reported posts.


Thanks for your kind words @SignorCastello ,
I would also like to acknowledge the Great & long time users of the forum, to which some have been helping/contributing on the prior website.
Some of these user's may also have the "Title/Badge" ("Community Leader") & choose not to display it,(sorta makes it good you can change the title when you like/how you feel/etc/etc :slight_smile: )

We also have EX-Moderators that still help & keep the community going.
Just like "Regulars" we/you have a choice of displaying a "Title" next to your name... yes some are "Badge" related/earnt..

Here's our choices:

:slight_smile: Yes i maybe the latest entry to the "Mod-Team", but i do bring years of experience, & hope to help the ZorinGroup along their journey to ongoing growth/success, & hope to also add to the community.
Thanks all.

Keep up the great work.


Indeed. Some weeks back a user messaged me on Discord and complained that by only showing the shield without title, he felt I was being misleading in not disclosing that I was a moderator.

I prefer to not have any title and have run without one for a very long time.

But due to the complaint, I simply compliantly opened the Title Menu and selected the first title on the list.

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Do they change their attitude depending on whether the other user is a moderator or not? I think it is uncivil.

Some users may not like the feeling that they are being discretely watched. I see your point. I think that a user feeling like a cop must show his badge is relevant, even if it is possible to suspect the motive.
This may also play into accountability for Moderators. Should I misbehave and he not be aware I was a moderator, then he might dismiss the issue as a misbehaving member. Whereas a moderator should be held to a higher standard. As such, he may feel the need to differentiate between.

He did not say any of this to me... I am speculating along the lines of benefit of the doubt.


Yes! Thanks to you and others appointed mods ive really been able to find my bearings within this distro.buying pro was an easy choice! Keep up the great work deva and mods/leader!


The fact that anyone would treat someone on this forum that is trying to help out another, is uncivil. I get that at times people can be very frustrated with problems they have, but all these people list on this thread are 'Volunteers'.

I respect, and appreciate them all.


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